Vaidya presents the ancient science of Ayurveda in a modern light by providing a complete computer-based diagnostic aid for natural health practitioners and their patients.

Vaidya is a significant clinical aid, developed by Dr Ajit over many years to assist all but especially western practitioners in the collection and management of case taking data with the function of cross checks and the final product of beautiful and personally tailored prescriptions, lifestyle advice and therapeutic products. Vaidya will revolutionise your practice and provide the most professional edge.

Interactive diagrams and a logical step by step approach help patients understand the ayurvedic principles behind their illness and treatment.
Vaidya uses powerful technology to link symptoms of disease to doshas, dhatus and Srotas building an Ayurvedic model of the patient's illness.
Guided traditional ayurvedic tests help to further refine your diagnosis plus Vaidya provides instant access to patient details & history, previous diagnoses, treatment plans, and lifestyle reports.

Over 500 detailed herbal treatment options are available. While Vaidya can suggest treatments that directly treat your patient's conditions, you always make the decisions.
Ayurvedic knowledge at your fingertips. 
A powerful symptom-based diagnostic model. 
Guided test, including a comprehensive pulse test. 
Comprehensive Ayurvedic iridology and tongue test 
An extensive intelligent treatment database. 
Lifestyle and dietary advice and daily and seasonal regimes for you to customise for your patients. 
Customise treatment protocols for Ayurvedic massage, musculoskeletal treatment and Panchkarma protocols. 
Ayurvedic counselling approach model.