Q: Why I should use this software in my practice? 

A: Vaidya is clinical diagnostic software that helps all practitioners who are keen to use Ayurvedic principles for Diagnosis and advice for their clients in their practice. This helps you as practitioner to interact with your clients more easily. This helps your client to understand Ayurvedic consultation process in much easier way.

This helps you to involve your client in the whole process of consultation if you wish so this way it enhances the confidence of your client in whole Ayurvedic consultation. 

Vaidya helps you to have Ayurvedic herbology at your finger Tips. 

Vaidya helps you to structure a complete lifestyle advice for your client based on their constitution, present imbalances and the season in which you are treating in no time and in much more systematic and logical way. 

Vaidya helps you to structure systematic programme for musculoskeletal treatments for your clients 

Vaidya will help you to structure Ayurvedic massage protocol based on the imbalances of your client and their constitution by selecting the specific marmas, strokes and oils and temp of oil. 

Vaidya is a great tool for learning while practising Ayurvedic principles. 

Vaidya helps to correlate your client’s symptoms with dosha subdosha dhatu and channels effected thus giving you a complete model of traditional Ayurvedic consultation process. 

Q: Does it mean that Vaidya supersede my knowledge? 

A: Well Vaidya is a clinical diagnostic tool that assists you at every step of your consultation but at no stage it takes over your clinical knowledge and skills. As a practitioner, you always have the control to make changes and over write the information provided by software thus making you totally independent while giving you so much at your finger tip. 

Vaidya add to the confidence of practitioner as you always have the option at your disposal to cross check the decision made by you regarding herbs products or dosha involvements. 

Q: Do I have to depend on the software all the time ? 

A: No Vaidya only add confidence in you as well make your consultation process more systematic simple and logical and easy for your client to receive the information and advice. 

Q: Who can use this software? 

A: Vaidya is for those who understand Ayurveda and those who are keen to incorporate Ayurvedic principles in their consultations. 

Vaidya is also a great tool for those who are learning Ayurveda as it provides from the very beginning of their learning Ayurvedic knowledge in more practical and clinical way. 

Q: Does it mean Vaidya can be used by anyone? 

A: No for using Vaidya one must have good understanding of Ayurveda but this can be great tool for someone who does not have confidence even though they have completed Ayurvedic study or even though they have good knowledge this will help them to have more systematic approach to Ayurvedic consultations 

Q: Is this means that Vaidya will promote more quacks in Ayurvedic practice. 

A: No in fact Vaidya will help to stop such people trying to get in Ayurvedic practice.

As Vaidya will give a clearer understanding and insight to all those who are practicing or teaching Ayurveda by just reading one or two books or by attending few seminars here and there or have some basic understanding of herbs. 

This will go deep into their soul if that is still inside them that how much they lack in their understanding of Ayurvedic knowledge and will help them to try to increase their knowledge.

Thus Vaidya is there for all those who respect Ayurveda love Ayurveda and worship Ayurveda and not using Ayurveda just a mean of making money. 

The eye examination explained in Vaidya do we have any further information where one can study Ayurvedic iridology. 

Yes, Ayurvedic iridology knowledge is available through the courses run by Australasian institute of Ayurvedic studies www.aiasinstitute.com.The institute runs their courses in various delivery method to suit everybody or Dr Ajit can be contacted to run seminars on the subject.

The eye examination knowledge has been developed by Dr S. Ajit who has developed the Vaidya software through his intense work on his hundreds of thousands clients . The information has been taken from traditional texts and put into iridology model so that students can have better understanding of eye examination. 

Q: Computer Requirements? 

A: Recommended technical computer settings:

Compatible with all Windows Operating Systems (Windows 98 and above)

NB: Not compatible with Mac OS

Q: How to install VAIDYA? 

A: With windows running put the CD in the drive and follow the on-screen instructions.

You can install VAIDYA manually by following the steps below: 

Go to “My Computer” 

Right-click on your CD-drive (Usually D: / drive), click on open 

Find the program named Setup.exe on the CD. Double-click it. VAIDYA setup starts. 

Follow the setup wizard’s instructions for installing the program. 

Once the install program has run, restart Windows before using the VAIDYA application. 

The installation software will create an icon for VAIDYA on your desktop. 

So, in future to run VAIDYA, click on the icon on your desktop 

Q: Maintenance? 

A: These are several guides to maintain the product and prevent it from being damaged

1. Avoid contact from direct sunlight 

2. Keep the CD in a cool and dry place 

3. Always put the CD inside a CD case to avoid dust and scratches 

4. Do not touch the underside of the CD