Privacy Policy

For what purpose does Surya Ayurveda require your personal information?

Surya  Ayurveda  collects  and  uses  personal  information  about  you  primarily  to  supply  you  with  the products you order from it and the information you request. If you subscribe to our mailing list  Surya Ayurveda  will  communicate  our  regular  newsletter  topics  and  also  provide  you  with  information about  promotions,  as  well  as  the  products  and  services  of  Surya  Ayurveda  .  If  you  do  not  wish  to remain a subscriber to our mailing list or otherwise receive updates on our products and services, you are able to remove your details from the subscriptions list via our website.

What personal information does Surya Ayurveda collect?

 The types of personal information that Surya Ayurveda records will depend on your usage of our site. If you carry out a transaction online or send us an email, Surya Ayurveda will record information that may differ from the information Surya Ayurveda collects if you simply visit our site.

 Purchasing a product online

If you purchase and pay  for our product  or services  online,  Surya Ayurveda  requires  you to provide your  account  details  and  credit  card  details  in  order  to  process  the  payment.  If  you  make  an  online query  about  your  order  you  will  be  required  to  provide  your order  and  contact  details  so  that  your inquiry can be resolved as soon as possible.  

General requests

You can use the online  forms  for a number  of  other purposes  such as  to request  further information about other  Surya Ayurveda  products  and services. In order to process your request, we  will require you  to  provide  us  with  certain  personal  information.  This  includes  such  details  as  your  name  and contact.  If  you  send  us  an  email  request,  we  will  ask  for similar  information.  We  require  this information to process your request and to improve the services we provide to you.  When  you  are  making  a  query,  Surya  Ayurveda  may  also  ask  for information  such  as  details  about yourself  or  your  company  in  order  that  Surya  Ayurveda  can  better  tailor  its  services  or  products  to your  needs  and  to  provide  you  with  information  about  other  services  or  products  you  might  be interested in.

Will personal information be given to anyone else?

 We do not sell, provide, or allow our information to be viewed by any other person other than those employed  by  Surya  Ayurveda.  Personal  information  collected  at  this  site  will  only  be  disclosed  to third  parties  in  accordance  with  this  Privacy  Statement  and  with  the  terms  and  conditions  of  any relevant service. Information collected at this site may be disclosed to law enforcement agencies, government agencies, courts or external advisers where permitted or required by law.  

Are personal account details stored safely?

 Surya Ayurveda takes reasonable steps to ensure the security of personal information held by it from such  risks  as  loss  or  unauthorised  access,  destruction,  use,  modification  or  disclosure  of  data.  Surya Ayurveda only permits your details to be accessed by authorised personnel.  Surya Ayurveda requires employees  and  contractors  to  perform  their  duties  in  a  manner  that  is  consistent  with   Surya Ayurveda's legal responsibilities in relation to privacy