Some ayurvedic tips for a trouble free transition into Spring

Most of us welcome the arrival of Spring after the cold, wet & dark days of Winter. However, for some people the arrival of Spring brings hay fever with its symptoms of bloated face & runny nose & eyes. The only solution that seems to be available to treat these symptoms is antihistamines or other such related drugs.However, these medications only mask the symptoms in the short term and do not address the underlining issue. Ayurveda, the world's oldest system of health & complete approach to well being, offers a different approach where the focus is not to mask the symptom but to correct the cause.

Ayurveda teaches that all health problems that we experience are created by the choices we make. When we start eating the wrong foods, living an incompatible life style in an incompatible environment the normal functioning of our body’s intelligence is affected. When this happens, toxins start accumulating in the body, which result in the formation of diseases such as hay fever. Ayurveda sees that one of the causes of hay fever is eating cold, damp, moist, heavy & sticky food on a regular basis. These are foods such as bread, cheese, peanut butter, cold drinks, juices, smoothies, tomato sauce, fried chips, cold water, bananas, yogurt, cold meat & coffee. These foods will increase mucus in the body particularly during the winter season, when the cold weather also contributes to the accumulation of mucus.

In Spring, when the weather gets warmer, the accumulated mucus starts liquefying and the body wants to expel this excess mucus through the membranes around the nose and eyes. Symptoms such as sore & itchy eyes, runny nose, headache, itchy skin, and an aching body with fever are signs that the body is trying to expel this excess mucus out of the system. Ayurveda advises that taking medicines will only mask the symptoms and not prevent the build up of more toxins in the body. Therefore I suggest you take the following advice that will help correct the cause affecting the bodily intelligence:

·          Eat warmed cooked foods, especially during winter and early spring.

·          Drink warm water. Every morning drink a glass of warm water with fresh ginger, lemon and honey.

·          Gargle with warm water and black salt.

·          Take a steam inhalation at least twice a day by adding 10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil to a bowl of hot water.

·          Put three drops of warm cold pressed black sesame oil in each nostril.

·          Use Rose water eye pads for eyes, at least twice a day.

·          Every second day massage yourself with warmed sesame or Kapha oil (medicated sesame oil) using upward movements.

·          Avoid bread, cheese, white flour, cold drinks, muffins, cakes, yoghurt, sour cream, cold meats, peanut butter and banana.

·          Kitchen herbs such as turmeric, black pepper ginger are best known to correct the problem and can be used as a home remedy.

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