Cucumber and Basil Cleanser (125mls)

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A gentle cleanser enriched with Vitamins A, D and E plus plant extracts for sensitive, delicate skin.

A gently purifying cleanser with cooling cucumber to heal even the most delicate, sensitive skin. Gently remove your skin's impurities with this nourishing natural cleanser. This Cucumber and Basil Cleanser takes its ingredients from centuries of kind and healthy skincare ‐ without a single harsh chemical in sight. So you can let cooling cucumber wipe away your make-up, while soft basil removes toxins from your skin. All with the added nourishment that comes from almond oil's ample vitamins.


A very versatile lotion for cleansing and make up removal, yet gentle enough to remove eye make up as well. To remove make up: Dispense a small amount onto a cotton pad and apply all over the face and neck, then wipe clean. Repeat the cleansing process.


Almond oil, Aloe vera, neem, Basil, Cucumber and lactus,Cera Alba, Himalayan Spring water, Palm kernel oil, Cocoa butter.

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