Silver Gel (65gms)

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Toning and purifying Lodhra and Himalayan wild cherry, when combined with pure silver foil, helps to build skin's natural integrity and results in clearer, happier skin.

Soothe, cool, and heal your skin with luxurious ingredients like nutri-rich aloe vera, Lodhra bark, and pure silver flakes. Silver Gel begins with the foundation of cooling aloe vera that hydrates and repairs your skin. Meanwhile, Ayurvedic Lodhra and purifying Himalayan wild cherry bark reduce the radiant heat in your blood. But the secret to its spectacular soothing properties lies in pure silver flakes - a key addition that intensifies the cooling and calming performance of the gel.


From this treatment first thoroughly clean your skin with an Ayurda cleanser. Next take a small amount of Ayurda 'Silver Gel' in your palm. Your palms heat will release the active ingredients of the gel. Massage the silver gel in a small upward circular motion


Pure Silver leaf, Aloe vera, Godh, Manjishtha ,Padmak

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